Massage and Soft Tissue Mobilisation


Massage and Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Therapeutic massage is a hands-on-treatment, which employs a variety of techniques to create changes in the soft tissues of the body such as skin fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. There is strong evidence that massage can help reduce the level of pain or stress and improve general wellbeing. The massage techniques are deeper form of soft tissue release aiming to decrease muscular pain, improve circulation, muscle tone, function and help to alleviate physical and psychological stresses in the body

 It reduces the joint swelling, risk of injury and speeds up the recovery in the injured muscle tissue. Massage and soft tissue mobilisation eases the “knots” which are formed due to muscle imbalance. In addition to above, massage also stimulates few other chemicals like melatonin (promoting sleep) and serotonin (feel good chemical).

These chemicals stimulate healing process and ease the intensity of pain which helps physiotherapists to employ other manual techniques. We may also advice on stretching and strengthening exercises if appropriate to work in conjunction with treatment. Please contact us for tailored programme to meet your needs.


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