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What conditions do you cover?

We have expert Physiotherapist specialising in different areas who can see patients of all ages including, children and young adults. Please contact us and we can book assessment with specialist Physiotherapist for your needs.

Can you come to my house to treat me?

We are a mobile Physiotherapy company and treat patients within their own home environment. All our Physiotherapists are DBS checked and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) so you can be sure we meet with the expected standards of care and competence to treat you effectively in your own home.

I live in a care home; can you visit me?

We can visit nursing and residential homes. Our physiotherapists are normally allowed into local Nursing and Residential Care Homes to help patients with all aspects of pain and reduced mobility. It is worth checking with the Care Home first to make sure they are happy for us to come into the Care Home to treat you or your relatives.

What do you bring in a home visit?

Depending on your problem, we will bring a range of different equipment and items on the first and subsequent visits. We’ll also bring basic treatment equipment to your first session including massage oil and taping supplies. On follow-up visits, we may bring any specialist treatment equipment like: electrotherapy machines, therabands, walking aids etc. We won’t normally bring a treatment couch to the first Home Visit, as a lot of the assessment and initial treatment will be done on the bed, in standing or on a chair.

My Dad has taken to bed after hospital discharge, can you help?

When someone takes to their bed after a hospital visit, there are a number of reasons why this can happen. We know that getting up and out of bed reduces the risk of complications such as blood clots, chest infections and general weakness. There are a number of reasons why someone takes to their bed, We can visit your home and provide assessment & treatment, design a rehabilitation plan to improve the mobility and function.

Are your Physiotherapists experienced?

All our Physiotherapists have years of clinical experience with NHS and private sector. All Physiotherapists are HCPC and CSP registered and complete mandatory trainings including infection control, manual handling, fire safety etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Registered With Insurance ?

We are registered with some insurance providers. Please check with your insurance provider,if they will allow home visits.

Do You Need GP Referral ?

No GP referral is needed. You can self- refer for Physio assessment and treatment.

Are You Able To Provide Intensive Physiotherapist Input ?

We can provide daily input for intensive rehab. We have rehabilitation assistants in our team who are highly competent and capable of carrying on the treatment with regular review by Physiotherapists, if needed. Please ask for Physio and rehab assistant package.

How Soon Is The Appointment Available ?

Same day appointments are mostly avaiable. We aim to see all the patients within 24-48 hours.

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