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Private Physio

Physiotherapy is a widely recognized profession in which the Physiotherapist works with service users to determine and support their capacity to maximize functional abilities and movement whilst providing patient-centered, efficient, and effective treatment. A Physiotherapist is an autonomous professional which gives them the independence to make decisions based on the appropriate assessments, using their expertise and knowledge.

Today, receiving Private Physio input is extremely common. It is highly beneficial when the condition of the patient is severe or traveling to a Physiotherapy clinic is not a viable option. Our Physiotherapists provide home visits to diagnose and treat individuals under these circumstances. Everything is done in the secure environment of your own home, which can range from initial discussions to specific assessments, possible diagnosis, developing a bespoke rehabilitation plan and then working towards achieving the plan. The Physiotherapist also provides information about concerns relating to an individual’s health and well-being therefore, ensuring holistic treatment.

Advantages of PRIVATE PHYSIO

Private physio sessions at home have many advantages, including focusing on short-term goals as well as longer-term maintenance and progression as soon as short-term goals are achieved. It includes working on flexibility, muscle strength and capacity, reducing pain and stiffness by exercise prescription, manual therapy, and soft-tissue mobilization. Individuals can benefit from having the option of one off or regular treatment sessions. Regular Physiotherapy sessions with a dedicated therapist has positive psychological effects on patients in addition to fostering confidence and trust by developing good patient and Therapist rapport.

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Why Choose Our Private Physio Services?

There are several advantages to choosing our services for Physiotherapy at home, including the following:


Our Physiotherapists have substantial experience of working within the NHS as well as private sector therefore, you will get the expert input. We have experienced rehabilitation assistants in our team who can carry on the plan developed by the Physiotherapist according to your needs and wishes. In addition to the Physiotherapists, we also have highly experienced occupational therapists working with us to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve optimum recovery.

Financial Efficiency

We provide value for your money. Our services are more affordable than going to a Physiotherapy clinic where you invest the time in travelling. We invest our time in travelling to you and charge you only for the Physiotherapy sessions. You save money as well as time on travelling. By using our Private Physio services, you can avoid the hassle to getting to the clinic.

Management Of Time

We have no waiting list and provide same day service too. Our aim is to give you quality treatment at the right time to prevent any further complications. You not only save money on travelling but time too as we come to you!

Homely Comfort

Research indicates that individuals rehab best in their own environment. Individuals are seen within their own territory which helps in participation, boosts the patient's confidence and aids in their quick recovery. This is especially important for elderly and individuals with long-term conditions. Private Physio at home ensures better chances of recovery and patient engagement.

Individualized Care

Using our Private Physio services, you can have a detailed discussion about your condition with the Physiotherapists. We pride ourselves in providing high quality personalized care based on the assessment and goals set up by the individuals. Your wishes are most important to us, and we work collaboratively with individuals to achieve them.

Expanded Range of Treatments

The length and breadth of the therapy process expands when you choose our Private Physiotherapist. Choosing our Private Physio service ensures that the Physiotherapist will focus fully on the individual. We can provide intensive therapy input which may range from couple of hours every day to one off treatment sessions dealing with acute injuries.

Importance of quality physiotherapy

Quality physiotherapy has gained attention and momentum in recent times due to its vast applications in treating multiple physical ailments and health conditions. The outpouring of demand for quality physio is witnessed remarkably due to its role in the management and rehabilitation of long-term conditions which often result in disability, chronic pain and stress for patients. It has achieved positive outcomes in improving the quality of life and overall satisfaction of individuals especially elderly patients. Let’s explore the indispensable effect of Physiotherapy input on various conditions:

Injury Care: Historically, Physiotherapy is the first line of treatment for patients suffering from ligament tears, fractures, post-surgery recovery. Quality physiotherapy is highly essential for mitigating the damaging impact of such injuries on any patients’ health and it has been effective in ensuring faster recovery by promoting tissue repair, pain reduction and mobility enhancement.

Pain Management: Chronic pain is a symptom attached to multiple issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain etc. It can have a negative impact on the daily life of patients and affect their overall functioning. Physiotherapy can effectively manage pain through exercises tailored on the specific needs of individuals, soft-tissue mobilisation, electrotherapy, advice and manual therapy.

Neurological Conditions: Long term neurological conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease etc. can be maintained through neurophysiotherapy by improving balance, mobility, coordination, muscle strength and enabling them to enhance independence and function.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Issues:
Diseases affecting the heart and lungs can lead tomultiple serious issues in the human body and affect day to day living. Physiotherapy can be instrumental in effectively dealing with such issues by implementing an exercise regime focussing on improving lung capacity,endurance and flexibility.

Elderly Care: The elderly individuals are at high risk of developing health issues and challenges related to mobility, balance, co-ordination and pain. Physiotherapy input can help in improving their stamina, flexibility, endurance and overall health to reduce chances of falls and fractures.

Women Health: Prenatal and postpartum care in women highly utilizes quality physiotherapy to improve their overall health and bodily functions.

Mental Health: Physiotherapy leads to physical well-being which leads to effective improvement in mental health conditions of individuals.
Based on the various areas where physiotherapy can be effectively utilized to treat and manage conditions, it is fair to say that physiotherapy has gained high relevance in the modern times. It is an indispensable part of modern health care.

Mention your commitment to delivering convenient, professional care at patients’ homes.

We value the ever growing need for a valued lifestyle free from ailments and physical inconvenience and for that we are committed to providing the best of treatments tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the individuals. We combine exercise, relevant advice and other therapeutic practices to provide you with personalized services designed specially by our experts and professionals. We are committed to being your trusted partners as you walk on your journey of recovery, rehabilitation and physical well-being. 

*We recognize the core of our value for money,  convenience and comfort and therefore we have designed our treatments in a manner which will fulfill the requirements at the comfort of a patient’s home. What sets us apart?

Accessibility: We believe that the most holistic healthcare must be provided in the most holistic environment and what’s more well-rounded that an individual’s home. For that reason, our services have been focused on eliminating the need for travel and the hassle around it.

Personalised Care: Rather than focusing only on the technique, we conduct a thorough assessment of the individual’s condition which includes past medical history and present issues. This forms the basis of designing an individualised rehabilitation plan outlining their goals, concerns and issues. 

Comfort: When the end goal of the treatment is physical comfort, we ensure that the process also is designed in a way to suit the convenience of our clients and therefore the familiar surroundings of their home is the best place to conduct the treatment.

Time Efficient: Long commutes and sitting at receptions can be daunting for patients suffering from physical pain. To save your time and efforts, our home based care ensures faster recovery without any wait. 

Professional Expertise: Our team of dedicated and experienced Physiotherapists are committed to provide high quality service . We stay updated with the evidence -based clinical practice to provide quality treatment for the best outcomes. 

Due to these particular commitments, we ensure a smooth recovery for the patients at their own comfort and pace in a familiar setup which will allow for a hassle free process.

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