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Physiotherapy in Care Homes

Physiotherapy in care homes: Expert Physiotherapy services for care homes and nursing homes

Why us?

At UKhomephysio, we understand the need for and importance of providing high quality Physiotherapy input to elderly individuals in care homes. Our team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitations assistants have got the right experience to work with care home residents, providing individual as well as group sessions. The treatment sessions are tailor made according to the needs and wishes of the individuals. We work closely with the care home staff advising them about the change in the mobility and functional status of the individuals. Our expert team is able to train and support the care home staff in delivering quality care based on an individual’s abilities. We provide hands on treatment which helps the individual in recovering from illness, achieving their goals, and regaining movement. Whether you are looking to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, regain mobility post-hospital discharge or require reconditioning after being bed-bound for prolonged period, our team is here to help.

Why is Physiotherapy at care homes important?

With aging population, there had been an ever-increasing number of people residing in care homes or staying in nursing homes. The rehabilitation needs become more complex with age due to additional health or mobility needs that must be considered alongside physiotherapy treatment. Our team of dedicated clinicians will take this into consideration and develop a holistic treatment plan to achieve positive outcome. Most of the care homes offer various activities during the daytime to engage the residents. This can become daunting if an individual is deconditioned following hospital discharge or progressively declining in mobility and functional capabilities. Our team of skilled clinicians can work on improving the muscle strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and confidence to engage with the staff and other residents.

Why choose UKhomephysio for care home services?

We have a team of expert Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants who work tirelessly to deliver highest quality of care possible to care home residents. Physiotherapy cannot stop aging; however, timely input can help to reduce the impact on the lives of our older individuals. At UKhomephysio, we believe that optimal health and wellbeing can only be achieved by adopting a person-centred, preventative, proactive and integrated approach. Our Physiotherapist can work in collaboration with the nursing and care home staff to ensure that residents needs are met appropriately. We are able to train and advise the care home staff about the home exercise plan or correct technique to use mobility and transfer equipment. This not only helps the residents but staff members to by reducing the risk of using poor manual handling techniques and injuries. Our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists are experts in manual handling, assessing mobility, advising carers and family members on the safest and most appropriate way to enable someone to mobilise. We bring physiotherapy services directly to your care home, saving residents and staff the time and stress of travelling to a clinic or hospital

What services do you offer for nursing and care home residents?

Our team of specialist Physiotherapists can attend any nursing home in London, Surrey, parts of Essex and Kent. They will start by doing comprehensive assessment and develop a bespoke treatment plan, based on individual’s needs, to achieve optimal results. The Therapists can work in collaboration with the care home staff to ensure that you receive the best possible input to improve mobility and function. We are specialists in providing Elderly Care Physiotherapy in community as well as care homes. Our services within nursing and care homes include:

    – Comprehensive assessment and devising rehabilitation plan
    – Hands on treatment 1-1 treatment sessions
    – New resident assessment
    – Mobility and walking aid assessment
    – Balance assessment and retraining
    – Neurological assessment following stroke etc
    -Management of long-term conditions
    – Equipment assessment
    – Resident mobility care planning
    – Group exercise classes
    – Falls risk assessment and implementation to reduce falls
    – Pain management service
    – Rehabilitation following trauma or elective surgery
    – Mobility aid and hoist training to staff
    – Maintenance visits

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy input in residential care and nursing homes?

Physiotherapy input benefits the residents, families as well as care home staff. Our team of highly trained Physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to working in nursing and care homes. Our Physiotherapists will work closely with the care home staff to develop a tailored treatment plan by understanding the needs to the resident. We provide exercise plan based on the individual needs which helps the residents to move more. Physiotherapists can advise about the equipment needs, appropriate walking aids or right wheelchair for the residents. We also run group classes which includes everyone in doing the Physio led exercises. Physiotherapy input also helps in reducing the risk of injury to the staff, improve staff morale, reduced reliance on the staff as well as adding value to the services provided by the home. The access to Physiotherapy input reassures the families of the residents that their loved ones are being assisted to retain their mobility, strength, and independence rather than being stuck in a room.
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Myopathy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Dyspraxia

Do I need to be a permanent resident in a care home to receive Physiotherapy sessions from UKhomephysio?

We offer a wide range of services and treatment according to the needs and wishes of the resident. Our team is committed to provide top- notch Physiotherapy input to the permanent care home resident or those staying temporarily for respite to recover and regain strength following surgery, injury or prolonged hospital stay. We can advise about the equipment and aids needed in safe transition from care home to home.

Do you offer specialist Physiotherapy input for long term conditions too?

All our Physiotherapists are hand-picked and come with multiple years of experience in the treatment of long-term conditions. They undergo regular trainings and courses to develop specialist skills in providing assessment and treatment plan for long term and chronic health conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, widespread arthritis, and progressive decline. We ensure that the assigned Physiotherapist has specialised experience in your medical conditions to give you input based on current evidence and good practice.

My father has dementia. Are you able to see Dementia patients?

Dementia care forms an integral part of the therapy provided by UKhomephysio. We have Physiotherapists and rehabilitation assistants who are specifically trained in caring for people with Dementia and cognitive impairment. Our team is skilled in techniques and strategies to engage individuals with dementia diagnosis or progressive cognitive decline. Physiotherapy plays an important role in many aspects of dementia care including maintenance of mobility, preventing decline in movement and transfers, reducing the risk of falls, improving balance, and preventing deconditioning. There is strong evidence to support that regular exercises is pivotal in improving confidence and quality of life in elderly individuals with Dementia.

How can I book Physiotherapy visit for resident of care and nursing home?

We are dedicated to providing convenient, comfortable, affordable Physiotherapy experience to care and nursing home residents. Please contact us either by calling on 02080873132 or email us at

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