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Evelin Milev

Evelin Milev

Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, BSc, HCPC, CSP and APCP registered

Languages Spoken: English

Evo has been a qualified physiotherapist since 2014. His expertise is in neurology and neuromuscular conditions in children and young adults. Evo is a full-time research physiotherapist, and an author of several papers in neuromuscular diseases. He has presented his work at numerous events and academic conferences around the globe. 

Evo graduated with Master’s degree in paediatric physiotherapy from University College London in 2021. Apart from academia, he is regularly involved in the outpatient clinics at a tertiary NHS hospital where he works. His other interests are in sport and sport injuries and prevention, exercise physio, balance and falls prevention. During the current senario , Evo volunteered for 3 months at Royal Free hospital and worked in the major pandemic Intensive Care Units. In his spare time, Evo is a keen trail ultramarathon runner, mountain hiker and climber.

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