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Gabriella Pasztor

Gabriella Pasztor


Languages Spoken: English

A registered physiotherapist in the UK, her expertise is in neurology and neuromuscular conditions in both adults and teens with twenty year’s experience of daily hospital physiotherapy treatments, patients care in Hungary and the UK.Gabriella is experienced in applying the McKenzie method to patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. Her areas of expertise are involved mainly with neuro-rehabilitation, especially with stroke victims of all levels and sufferers of musculoskeletal conditions. She is certified in the McKenzie A,B,C,D and E, courses. Gabriella is able to evaluate, treat, and create a preventative maintenance course of action. Her goals of therapy are reducing pain, centralization of symptoms, and a complete recovery from pain. Gabriella is an expert in creating a specialized personal programme which includes education, encouragement, an exercise programme, and self-care treatment.In addition to this, Gabriella has experience in treating neurological conditions like stroke, Parkinsons disease etc. She has goal focussed and holistic approach which has benefitted patients immensely. Gabriella is a highly experienced Physio who has worked across various sectors and gained skills to provide efficient and effective patient care. settings. She continuously develops her personal and professional skills, and her drive and positive attitude is infectious to both patients, their families and her colleagues.
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