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Nic Photiou


Languages Spoken: English

Nic is an experienced HCPC registered physiotherapist working in the NHS as well as taking on private patients. Armed with a Human Physiology degree from the University of Leeds and a Physiotherapy degree from Brunel University London (2019), Nic has been actively contributing to the field since her graduation. Nic has always enjoyed helping and caring for those around her, driven by passion for health, physiology, and the intricacies of the human body.

Nic’s professional focus revolves around the health of the human body, particularly in terms of pathology and recovery from disease and injury. This, combined with her empathetic nature, motivating to assist individuals in reaching their physical potential despite disability or injury. Nic prioritises collaborative relationships within the Multidisciplinary Team and boast experience in diverse areas such as elderly care, falls prevention, community home visits, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedics, neurological disorders, dementia, palliative care, and a special interest in respiratory physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Nic employs a comprehensive approach to assessment tools and hands-on-treatments, relying on systemic assessment methods and current evidence, and guidelines to facilitate appropriate management. Her interpersonal skills, a personal strength, are pivotal in building rapport and fostering excellent therapeutic relationships.

Residing in North London, her hometown, Nic cherishes spending time outside of physiotherapy with family, engaging in activities such as cooking, gardening, strength training, and hiking.

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