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Children Physiotherapy

An Overview of Private Physiotherapy, Children’s Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist is a protected title used by healthcare professionals with university level qualification and skills to treat illnesses or injuries that impact movement and activities. Physiotherapists have various specializations which are achieved after appropriate qualification and experience in the relevant speciality. Physiotherapists who have expertise in the assessment and treatment of children are known as Pediatric Physiotherapists. They have knowledge and expertise about childhood conditions and disabilities ranging from babies to teenagers.

Pediatric Physiotherapists work in the Hospitals, Private practices, and charities. They are specifically trained to treat and manage the disorders in children which includes developmental delay, neurological, respiratory, and musculoskeletal conditions. The treatment consists of exercises, hands-on techniques, support to parents and carers by providing information and training about the dealing with disabilities and impairments. Some Pediatric Physiotherapists do home visits too. They also work in conjunction with other therapists to provide holistic care. You may assist your child’s development with the assistance and knowledge of Children Physiotherapy.

What conditions do Pediatric Physiotherapists treat?

Your child can benefit from Pediatric Physiotherapy for:

● Issues with posture, alignment, balance, and large-motor abilities
● Congenital conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down’s syndrome
● Infantile conditions like plagiocephaly, torticollis and low muscle tone
● Disorders resulting in developmental delays and motor learning difficulties
● Neuromuscular disorders like hypermobility, dystrophies, myopathies
● Neurological conditions like Acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
● Musculoskeletal like muscle tears, dislocations, fractures, and sports injuries
● Respiratory conditions like cystic fibrosis, chest infections and asthma

The ability to effectively communicate with families is crucial for Pediatric physical therapists.

Why Do Children Need Physiotherapy?

Research has shown that Pediatric Physiotherapy input can assist affected children in developing, achieving full potential and age-appropriate development along with improvement in movement and a high level of well-being. It can also restore mobility and bodily function.

Children may not be just little adults; for the greatest results, it is important to consider their unique physical, cognitive, mental, and psychological aspects.

Nevertheless, there is evidence that this area of Private Physiotherapy is equally useful in elevating well-being and physical fitness in kids without any mobility or functional. For instance, it has been well established that healthy children who participate in Physiotherapy programs have reduced chance of developing posture-related issues and associated effects, such as low back discomfort.

How does a Pediatric Physio help?

  • Provide thorough assessment of movement and functional difficulties
  • Exercise and interventions to improve posture, mobility, and strength
  • Working as part of multi-disciplinary team to develop rehabilitation plans
  • Developing stretching programme for long-term conditions
  • Advise on activities that can be done at home and school
  • Therapeutic interventions to optimize development and well-being
  • Assessment of specialist equipment and appliances
  • Training and advice to family and carers regarding way of supporting the child
  • Assessment and advise on use of appropriate aids
  • Assist the parents and carers to implement the rehabilitation plan
  • One to one therapy or as part of group to aid development and growth


Pediatric Physiotherapist promotes positive outcome for children with various conditions which can be as simple as a muscle sprain to development delay following a congenital or acquired condition. It is important to know about the experience and skills of a private physiotherapist prior to booking an appointment. Please contact for more information about our Pediatric Physiotherapists.

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