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What is the role of an Elderly care Physiotherapist after Hospital Discharge?

Hospital admission can be a stressful time for anyone be it elderly or young patients. In elderly population, hospital admissions can be detrimental to independence. The cause of Hospital admission can vary from an infection to falls, fractures or neurological conditions like stroke. The family and carers of the elderly patients experience anxiety about post-discharge rehabilitation. Long Hospital stays can result in an elderly patient becoming institutionalised therefore, losing the confidence to live on its own. The individuals find it difficult to adjust in the home environment due to reduced mobility and function.
Here we will discuss the importance of Home Physio Croydon to reduce the long-term impact of Hospital admission.

What are the effects of Hospital stay on individuals?

Post-Hospital syndrome is defined as the transient state of increased risk of readmissions and reduced function post-discharge. Hospital stay has adverse effects on elderly as discussed below:

  • Increased dependency: Patient becomes increasingly dependent on the Healthcare staff to assist them in activities of daily living and lose confidence of performing these tasks independently
  • Reduced activity: Patients spend more time in bed than normal as they are provided food, medication etc by the staff
  • Change of routine: Individuals encounter change in sleep patterns, diet and activity levels
  • Inadequate nutrition: Patients are not able to eat in correct amount or preference, despite of the best will in the world
  • Reduced sleep: Sleep disturbances are common due to sharing the room or being in a bay with others

How does Physiotherapy help post Hospital Discharge?

Physiotherapists are skilled in assessment of current function and developing rehabilitation plan for patients, taking in to account the baseline and current level of movement and function. The major benefits of Physiotherapy interventions after hospital discharge are :

  • Timely improvement in mobility and balance the
  • Reduced risk of re-admissions which can increase the rehabilitation time
  • Confidence building which is an essential component in recovery
  • Increase muscle strength and range of motion
  • Decrease pain
  • Build exercise tolerance and stamina
  • Encourage self-management
  • Assessment and prescription of mobility aids
  • Reduce the reliance on care services
  • Increase the chances of getting back to previous level of function
  • Better value in long-run
  • Functional task training to improve function
  • Massage and soft-tissue mobilisation to improve flexibility
  • Home exercise plan for continuity of rehab
  • Environmental adaptation advice to reduce risks

Rehab at home or hospital?

We cannot deny the advantages of in-patient rehab in early days however, this adds on to the length of Hospital stay and increase the dependency of the elderly on other people for every-day activities. The advantages of home Physiotherapy post hospital discharge:

  • Personalized rehabilitation plans based on current level of function
  • No transport worries of stress of getting to the clinic
  • Treatment in your own surroundings
  • Flexible time of appointments
  • Individuals can strike a better rapport with the Physio, in their own home
  • Reduced risk of cross- infections
  • Expert advice and treatment at your doorstep
  • Environmental risk assessment and adaptations
  • Assessment of equipment and aids
  • Longer sessions as compared to the clinics
  • Training family and carers on use of equipment and aids
  • Involving carers and families in rehab care plan
  • Holistic approach to treatment
  • Better engagement in the sessions due to familiar surroundings
  • Cost-effective


It is distressful and scary to return home after Hospital stay especially if it has been a long one. Home Physiotherapy after Hospital stay provides best patient outcomes. The main goal of Physio at home is to get you back to previous level of function and thus improve quality of life. You can contact Physio at home croydon for the expert advice and dedicated service to get you back in action.

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