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What Causes Neck Pain?

There are many different causes of neck pain and sadly modern life doesn’t help with this problem. Among the most common reasons for people to feel stiff or painful in their necks is repetitive stress on the neck muscles. This is typically caused by driving, looking at a computer or down at a phone for an extended period.

Poor sleep, stress, anxiety and overexertion from lifting heavy objects are some of the other common causes of neck issues, according to Insider

The publication also noted that there are some, more serious health conditions that can result in neck pain. These include arthritis, a herniated disc and a spinal cord injury.

If you are concerned about your neck pain, the publication recommended seeking medical advice. However, it also shared some advice to help alleviate neck pain caused by the likes of staring at a phone or computer screen.

Among the tips are to apply ice to the affected area for the first two to three days, for up to 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. After the initial days of icing, instead apply heat either in the form of a hot compress or with a warm shower.

A gentle neck massage can also be beneficial when the neck pain is the result of muscle strain. If you’re not sure how best to deal with your neck pain, you can always find a home physio in south east London to help.

Earlier this month, Human Resources Director reported that in Australia, physiotherapists have seen more people coming to them with neck, lower back and wrist issues as a result of working from home. Among the reasons for this are that many people lack an ergonomic work set up in their homes.

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