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How Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Athletes

Physiotherapists specialising in musculoskeletal treatments use a variety of techniques to restore movement and function. They focus on the structural and biomechanical aspect of the body to manage the condition and achieve the goals. Physiotherapy input is very beneficial for athletes both pre and post activity sessions. Treatment is hands on and involves mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy, strengthening exercises and injury prevention advice. Physio at home Coulsdon has specialist musculoskeletal Physiotherapists who can provide treatment to recover from strenuous exercises, sprains and strains. Even non- athletes and athletes who are not injured, can benefit from Physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

What types of injuries can be treated by Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists working with Physios at home Coulsdon, help in a range of conditions and disorders affecting your joints, muscles and tendons. Strengthening of the musculoskeletal system improves the flexibility of joints and muscles. Following are the common conditions that can be helped by the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist near me.

● Sciatica: Due to irritation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lumbar spine to the feet as a result of disc herniation, spinal stenosis or lumbar sprain. Sciatica causes pain in their lumbar region which radiates to the legs. Physiotherapists work by mobilisation and strengthening of the core muscles which relieves pain and improve mobility.

● Hamstring strains: For most athletes, this sports injury is pretty much a given. Thankfully, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is a fairly effective treatment for it. The treatment consists of mobilising the joints, stretching and strengthening of the tight muscles or using electrotherapy to manage pain and inflammation. Therapeutic massage and joint manipulation help to alleviate pain and improve flexibility which is provided expertly by Physios at home Coulsdon, as part of treatment.

● Lower back strains: Lower back injuries are common in athletes as well as non-athletes. Private physiotherapy treatment is frequently used to treat lower back strains to reduce discomfort and increase mobility. Additionally, Physiotherapists will give you strengthening exercises and back care advice to aid in rehabilitation post injury as well as prevention.

● Neck pain and injuries : Neck muscle strains, ligament sprains and disc injuries are reasonably common in athletes who participate in contact sports. In non-athletes, the causes of neck pain can range from whiplash from an accident, simply a particularly arduous desk resulting in a cervical sprain. Arthritic changes in the spine affecting the curvature may also cause pain and discomfort. Physiotherapy treatment assists in realigning your musculoskeletal system, relaxing or stimulating the affected muscles, correct techniques to reduce pressure on the musculature & skeletal system along with exercises to prevent recurrences.

Benefits of Physiotherapy treatment

Getting a Physiotherapist near me is beneficial in following ways:

● Reducing dependence on Opioids: A significant case study evaluated the number of opioid painkiller prescriptions written for persons who saw only GP or saw both their GP and Physiotherapist. According to the study, persons who attended a Physiotherapist for pain management were less likely to need an opioid prescription than those who just saw their GP.

● Improving mobility and Range of motion: Physiotherapists can aid in improving the flexibility your joints and strengthen the muscles to reduce pain. This is will help in improving quality of life

● Postural control and co-ordination: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists assess the faulty movements of spine and work on improving posture, balance and co-ordination

● Improving Physical Fitness: The athletes can benefit by improving muscle strength, flexibility and stamina which is needed for rigorous sports and activities and Physiotherapists are qualified professionals to help in achieving this.

● Managing Arthritic symptoms: Osteoarthritis is a long term condition and pain results from the rubbing together of the extremities of your bones in a joint due to cartilage deterioration. Physiotherapists can aid by soft-tissue mobilisation to reduce pain, strengthening and advice about the best strategies to cope and manage the condition effectively.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists help in reducing pain to promote natural healing in the body. Physio at home Coulsdon can be contacted for an experienced Physiotherapists to visit you in the privacy of your own home. We provide specialised treatment for acute or long-term musculoskeletal conditions to help you lead a fit and healthy life!

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