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Elderly Physio in London

Physiotherapy for Elderly

With ageing population and increasing care costs, Physiotherapy plays a vital role in improving mobility and functional abilities of elderly population. As people age, they may suffer from orthopaedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular problems. Falls are the major cause of fractures which results in diminished function, mobility loss and reduced quality of life. The everyday activities become harder because of co-morbidities which has adverse effect on the physical and psychological health of an individual.

There is robust evidence in support of Elderly physio input to improve mobility, balance, and strength. Physiotherapists apply a holistic and patient centred approach to identify goals and set up rehabilitation plan tailored to suit individual needs. It also plays significant role in reducing chronic pain that further impact mobility like arthritis. In addition to above, Home Physiotherapists can assist in maintaining current function and preventing decline. Professional Physiotherapists are skilled at prescribing appropriate aids and adjustments to enable safety and comfort for the elderly patients.

Home Physiotherapysessions are particularly important in maintaining independent and active life in later years. Physiotherapy at home saves the travelling for the elderly patient thus, reducing the risk of contracting infections. Patients rehab best in their home environment. UKhomephysio offers specialised rehabilitation programmes for conditions which are common in old age and impact movement. The home physio sessions are aimed at improving the balance, stability, strength, movement, co-ordination, and functional mobility. Elderly patients also benefit from confidence building which is an integral part of living independently and reducing reliance on other services.

Prevention is the key when it comes to elderly rehabilitation and early intervention helps to achieve best outcome. Our home Physiotherapy for elderly in Kingston and Sutton also include of falls prevention programmes which consists of assessment and setting up of personalised plan to get you back to living independently, reducing the amount of care input, and improving the quality of life. We provide high quality elderly rehabilitation programmes according to patient’s abilities and wishes based on current evidence in Surrey and South-West London.

Please contact UKhomephysio for more information on how we can help to maximise your independence and restore the confidence.

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