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Physiotherapy after Total Knee Replacement

Physiotherapy after Total Knee Replacement

The knee joint is made up of femur (thigh bone), Tibia and knee cap. Total knee replacement consists of surgically replacing the end of Femur with a metal surface and top of tibia is replaced with a plastic piece that has a metal stem. The patella may or may not be replaced depending on the extent of degenerative changes. Total knee replacement is indicated in case of severe arthritis, trauma, or other degenerative condition of the knee. Osteo-arthritis is one of the common causes of knee degeneration, pain and reduced mobility.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in recovery and rehabilitation of the patients with the new knee. It is imperative to have comprehensive and long-term home Physiotherapy input to ensure the optimum success of the surgery and achieving full or near full function in the knee. Home Physio in Bromley  reduces the recovery time and ensures early healing. The orthopaedic Physiotherapists can do environmental assessment in addition to checking the knee range of movement and muscle strength.

 Early Physiotherapy input can help reduce the risk of conditions like DVT, pulmonary embolism and pressure ulcers. Physiotherapists can give advice about applying ice packs to reduce swelling and redness. UKhomephysio has highly competent Physiotherapists to encourage you to enhance mobility and function. Scar tissue management and massage also helps in reducing swelling, therefore, ease the pain and promote healing.  

Pain after the knee surgery can be especially debilitating which can put patients off the exercises. Our Physiotherapists have knowledge and skills to emphasize the importance of taking appropriate analgesics as prescribed which allows patients to do the knee exercises. Private Physiotherapy at home from Ukhomephysio are skilled at holistic assessment and take external and internal factors into consideration, while developing a tailor-made rehabilitation plan.

Physiotherapy after Total Knee Replacement

The sessions are aimed at improving the range of motion in knee flexion and strengthening of the quadriceps. Mobility assessment and gait training are also important part of the treatment sessions. Goal planning is completed according to patient’s abilities and rehabilitation potential. Early mobilisation with appropriate aids is extremely important for the new joint and get the muscles back in action.

The initial goal is to be able to move safely in the house with assistive devices and keep knee flexible. As the inflammation settles, Physio at Home sessions are focussed on knee movements and lower limb strength. The personalised exercise plan is provided to each patient which encourages them to take the ownership of the exercise routine. The plan is monitored, reviewed, and modified according to the progress achieved. 

Physiotherapists with Ukhomephysio have intensive experience in assessment and treatment of joint replacement surgeries. If you are having or planning to have Total knee replacement, please contact UKhomephysioeither by phone or emailfor expert Physiotherapy advice and input. We can see you within 24-48 hours within your home at your convenience. Helping you to live a quality life.


We are experts in after knee replacement  Physiotherapy. For more information or informal conversation, please contact us at 02080873132 or

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