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Seasonal Arthritic Pains and Physiotherapy

Arthritis is related with pain, stiffness and swelling. There are several types of arthritis, like osteoarthritis which is a degenerative condition, Rheumatoid arthritis is immune-inflammatory condition etc. The seasonal pains are common in all kind of arthritis. The exact cause of the seasonal variation of pains is not known though some experts suggest that it is due to the change in the atmospheric pressure. This change causes muscles and tendons to contract and relax which results in stiffness and tightness, hence causing pain.

Following routine can help in relieving seasonal pains in Arthritis:

Keep moving: Have a routine of keeping the joints moving through full range by doing regular stretches to improve flexibility
Posture: Maintaining good posture is important to keep the core strong and preventing the back pain
Balance the activity with rest and vice versa. Excess of either is bad
Maintain Weight: Lifestyle changes and maintaining healthy weight is significant to pain management in Arthritis
Stay hydrated: Dehydration puts unnecessary stress on your joints. Drinking fluids regularly ensures that there is enough lubricant in your joints and that your joint tissue is operating at peak performance.

How can Physiotherapy help:

Exercising: It is vital to improve muscle strength, endurance and reduce stiffness. Follow the exercise programme tailored specifically to your needs by a qualified Physiotherapist
Identifying movement patterns that exaggerate pain. A Physiotherapist can assist you and advice the right kinds of activities to build the muscles and avoid any joint injuries.
Softtissue mobilisation: This stretches the tight muscles and help in relieving pain thus, maintaining function. A qualified Physiotherapist can advise and assist in maintaining flexibility.
Massage therapy: Many patients suffer from muscle pain as well as pain from their joints. Long-term pain can produce muscle contractions, but a deep tissue massage can help relax tense muscles as well as stiff joints. There is also a powerful endorphin rush following a massage that will provide considerable pain relief. A qualified Physiotherapist can do massage targeting the problem areas and releasing tight muscles.

Cooler weather can limit going out and even increase the risk of injury, so we are able to visit you within the comfort of your home and provide you exercise plan tailored to specific needs. This can help you to keep active and fit all year round thus maintaining the quality of life.
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